Peter A. Coles

Peter Coles was a professor at Harvard Business School in the Negotiation, Organizations and Markets (NOM) group from 2005-2013. In July 2013, Peter became Director of Global Strategy for eBay Marketplaces.


Peter's research interests are in the field of Market Design, with an emphasis on electronic marketplaces and marketplace strategy. He has written several papers related to improving the functioning of labor markets, and he helped design the Signaling Mechanism currently in use by the American Economic Association.


Peter has written numerous case studies on marketplace strategy.  These include cases on prediction markets at Google, platform strategy at Microsoft's adCenter, monetization at Zillow, pricing at TheLadders, and a variety of other topics.  At Harvard Business School, Peter co-developed and taught "The Online Economy: Strategy and Entrepreneurship," an elective course taken by ~200 students annually, and in the Harvard Economics Department taught the doctoral course "Market Design and Electronic Marketplaces.  Prior to this, Peter taught the HBS core class on Negotiation.


Peter received his A.B. in mathematics from Princeton University and his PhD in economics from Stanford University.



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