Noam Wasserman - Harvard Business School, Post-doctoral Fellow in Business Administration


Work Experience



Working papers can be downloaded from my Social Science Research Network page


Harvard University (Boston, MA)

 Harvard Business School / Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
PhD in Organizational Behavior (Sociology and Microeconomics tracks), June 2002. 

Dissertation: “The Venture Capitalist as Entrepreneur:  The Dynamics and Characteristics Within VC Firms.” 
Committee:  Nitin Nohria (chair), George Baker, Paul Gompers, Peter Marsden.

Doctoral Exams:

Organizational Behavior (Summer 2000) – Grade:  Outstanding.

Sociology (Summer 2000) – Grade:  Pass, with Honors on Stratification section.
Microeconomics (May 2000) – Grade:  Outstanding.

Tukman Faculty Fellow, 2002-2003.

Harvard’s “George S. Dively” Award for outstanding thesis research, 2002.

Harvard Program on Negotiations, Research Fellowship, 2001-2002.

Outstanding Reviewer award, Academy of Management (Business Policy and Strategy division), 2002, 2003.

 Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Master of Arts in Sociology, June 2001.

 Harvard Business School
MBA with High Distinction (Baker Scholar), June 1999.

University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)

 Wharton School of Business
BS (magna cum laude) in Strategic Management and Corporate Finance, May 1992.

 Moore School of Engineering
BSE (magna cum laude) in Computer Science and Engineering, May 1992.

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Work Experience

Pioneering Management Corporation (Boston, MA) – Summer 1998

Pioneer Capital Corporation (Venture Capital)

 Venture Capital Associate
Reviewed business plans for seed-stage high-tech startups, interviewed CEOs, performed due diligence. Helped portfolio-company CEOs define Web-based business model and perform acquisition search.

Domestic Mutual Funds Division (Investment Management)

 Summer Associate
Analyzed the 20 stocks in $116M small-cap portfolio, including competitive outlook, financial modeling & valuation, management motivation, and risks. Portfolio manager executed all 7 buy/sell recommendations.

American Management Systems, Inc. (Fairfax, VA) -- May 1992-July 1997

Management Consulting and System Development Division

 Principal and Practice Manager
Founded Lotus Notes / Groupware Practice. Built practice to 19 people ($1.6M in annual revenues) in 2 years. Worldwide corporate lead for business partnerships with Lotus and Netscape.

 Project Manager
Managed 6 client/server Reengineering and System Development projects ($1.5M in total revenues, project teams of 4-9 people). Clients included financial and healthcare industries, and government.

Developed Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology adopted as Corporate Best Practice. Pioneered use of 360-degree Reviews at AMS.

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Papers, Cases, and Presentations


“Founder-CEO Succession and the Paradox of Entrepreneurial Success,” Organization Science 14:2, March-April 2003, pp. 149-172. [Download]
Winner of 2003 Aage Sorensen Memorial Award for research in sociology (awarded by Harvard University).

“Founder Power and Pay for Milestones: Cash Compensation and the Entrepreneur,” to be presented at Babson-Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference, June 2003.

“Building the Board: Evolution of boards of directors from founding to IPO,” Working paper [with Warren Boeker].

“Founder-CEO Succession and the Paradox of Entrepreneurial Success,” presented at the Academy of Management’s annual meeting, August 2001, Business Policy and Strategy division.

"Entrepreneurial Negotiations: Negotiating with Venture Capitalists," Harvard Business School case #800-170.
Taught in HBS’s "Entrepreneurial Negotiations" and "Corporate Diplomacy" classes, Winters 2000 and 2001, and at Stanford, Spring 2000.

"Stock Options at Virtua.Net," Harvard Business School case #801-324. [with Brian Hall]
Taught in HBS’s "Compensation and Incentives" class, Winters 2000 and 2001.

“Dancing with Elephants: The Smartix Saga,” Harvard Business School case #902-156. 
Used as Final for second-year “Dealmaking” MBA negotiations course, Fall 2001.

 Venture Capital

“The Non-Division of Labor: Knowledge Separability, Structure, and the Upside-down Venture Capitalist,” Working paper.

“Upside-down VCs and the Transition to Hierarchies,” Working paper.

 “Knowledge, Structure, and the Upside-down Venture Capitalist,” presented at Academy of Management 2002 annual meeting, Business Policy and Strategy division.

“Upside-down VCs and the Transition to Hierarchies,” presented at HBS’s Work, Organizations, and Markets seminar, April 2001.

"The Venture Capitalist as Entrepreneur," Harvard Business School case #800-237.
Taught in HBS’s "Corporate Diplomacy" class, Winters 2000 and 2001.

"Patterns of VC Evolution: Comparing the Israeli and Indian Venture Capital Industries," Journal of Private Equity (Fall 1999). [with Daniel Nye]

 CEO Leadership

"When Does Leadership Matter?  The Contingent Opportunities View of CEO Leadership," under review at Administrative Science Quarterly. [with Nitin Nohria and Bharat Anand] [Working Paper available from SSRN .]

"When Does Leadership Matter?" Presented at Academy of Management, Organizational Management and Theory division, Summer 2000 meeting, and at Work, Organizations, and Markets seminar, Harvard Business School, April 2000.

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