I am actively involved in teaching MBA students, doctoral students, and executive students. Below is a quick summary, with appropriate links for more details.

1. Negotiation and Decision Making: Trust, Emotions, Ethics, and Morality. A focused research camp for young researchers interested in the subtopics of trust, emotions, ethics, and morality, as they apply to decision making and negotiation  Course outline for January, 2010.

2 Decision Making and Negotiation Research Seminar (Harvard University Psychology Department). This  seminar provides lab experience in behavioral approaches to decision making and negotiation.  Course outline.

3Executive Programs at HBS. I currently teach decision making and negotiations in multiple executive programs offered by HBS. I am the coursehead for "Changing the Game", which helps executives examine how they define their competitive environment, as well as the decisions that they make within this environment. I also teach in the Advanced Management Program (AMP),  Program for Management Development (PMD),  and Women Leading Business: Innovation and Success (WLB), in addition to customized programs for specific clients of HBS executive programs. Click the appropriate box for more information on HBS executive programs:

Changing the Game                         AMP

4. Managerial Decision Making, Program on Negotiation Executive Education Seminar

5.  I also teach executive groups and consult on negotiations, decision making, and the natural environment. Click below to see my client list or a sample executive program.

Client list                 Sample executive program