Julio J. Rotemberg

Curriculum Vitae

Publications Including Teaching Materials

Recent Working Papers

Charitable Giving When Altruism and Similarity are Linked

The Federal Reserve’s Abandonment of its 1923 Principles

Persuasion and empathy in salesperson-customer interactions

A behavioral model of the popularity and regulation of demandable liabilities

Group Learning, Wage Dispersion, and Nonstationary Offers,

Models of caring, or acting as if one cared, about the welfare of others


Older Working Papers

A Method for Decomposing Time Series into Trend and Cycle Components (1998)

Constituencies with Finite Lives and the Valuation of Government Bonds (1998)

Government-Enforced Cartels, Output and Welfare (1998)

Rationing in Centrally Planned Economies (1988)

Wages and Labor Demand in an Individualistic Bargaining Model with Unemployment (2000)

Endogenous Altruism in Buyer-Seller Relations and its Implications for Vertical Integration (2006)



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