Private Equity Links

Here are a few links that may be interesting or amusing. It is important to note, however, that much more information is available in printed form or proprietary databases than the relatively modest information about private equity available on the Web. For a discussion, see my note on "Information Sources on Private Equity."

Accel Partner's web site has an interesting discussion of how to prepare, present and evaluate a business plan.

Coopers and Lybrands' "Money Tree" report provides timely summary data.

The Economics of the Private Equity Industry is a helpful academic overview.

The European Venture Capital and Private Equity Association has a number of useful items and links.

The MIT Entrepreneur's Club has a wealth of information and links.

The National Venture Capital Association has some useful background material.

Preqin has a variety of return data and other resources.

Private Equity Analyst's web page has some interesting material.

The Recombinant Capital Web site has a wealth of information for those interested in private equity investing in biotechnology or health care.

The Red Herring's site has archived stories about venture-backed firms and a variety of interesting links.

Upside's site combines news and archived stories on high technology firms and venture organizations.

The U.S. Small Business Administration's site is gradually adding increasing information on venture capital and small firms.

Venture Economics has some useful data in its public site, and much more for subscribers.

VentureOne Home Page has some useful infomation, though many of the really good things are password protected.

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