EO Seminar, 2003    

The Organizational Economics Seminar is sponsored by Harvard University & the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and administered by Professors George Baker of Harvard Business School, Robert Gibbons of MIT Sloan School and Economics Department, Oliver Hart of Harvard University Economics Department, and Bengt Holmstrom of MIT Economics Department.

Each session's corresponding paper is also generally available in an electronic format for download from this site (in the Adobe Acrobat format '.pdf' ). [ Get Adobe Acrobat Reader Here. ]

The EO Seminar's schedule is announced via our email list at the beginning of each seminar series. We also send an announcement/reminder prior to each session. To get onto our email list, please contact the Communications Administrator .

Please note: all seminars are held from 2:30 - 4:00pm

*Harvard sessions are located at Sever 213.Get map. And
MIT sessions will be held in the Freeman Room (E52-244).Get map.
Date Speaker Affiliation Title of Paper Location*
Feb 13 Rob Gertner Chicago Graduate School of Business
"Organizing for Synergies"
(joint with Wouter Dessein and Luis Garicano)
MIT Freeman Room (E52-244)
Feb 20 Andy Postlewaite Pennsylvania (visiting Harvard Econ)
Courts of Law and Unforeseen Contingencies
(joint with Luca Anderlini and Leonardo Felli)
Harvard, Sever 213
Feb 27 Lucian Bebchuk Harvard Law
"The Costs of Permitting Managers to Sell Shares"
(joint with Oren Bar-Gill)
MIT Freeman Room (E52-244)
March 6 Marianne Bertrand Chicago Graduate School of Business
Bidding for Oil anad Gas Leases: A Test of the Free-Cash-Flow Model Harvard, Sever 213
March 13 John Matsusaka USC Marshall School
Decision Processes, Agency Problems, and Information: An Economic Analysis of Capital Budgeting Procedures
(with Anthony M. Marino)
MIT Freeman Room (E52-244)
March 20 Luigi Zingales Chicago Graduate School of Business
Rajan and Zingales on Theory of the Firm Harvard, Sever 213
March 27 Spring Break

April 3 Bob Ellickson Yale Law
The Household: The Law, Economics, and Sociology of an Underexamined Institution MIT Freeman Room (E52-244)
April 10 Joel Sobel UC San Diego (Econ)
Positive Self-Image in Subjective Assessments
(with Luis Santos-Pinto)
Harvard, Sever 213
April 17 Milt Harris Chicago Graduate School of Business
Allocation of Decision-Making Authority MIT Freeman Room (E52-244)
April 24 Elhanan Helpman Harvard Econ
"International Trade and Organizations" Harvard, Sever 213
May 1 George Baker
Volatility, Noise, and Incentives MIT Freeman Room (E52-244)
May 8 Harrison Hong
Does Fund Size Erode Mutual Fund Performance? The Role of Liquidity and Organization Harvard, Sever 213

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