Curriculum Vitae


Dorothy Leonard*

(* formerly Leonard-Barton)





            Graduate School of Business Administration

            Harvard University

            Soldiers Field

            Boston, Massachusetts 02163




M. A.   Harvard University (Honorary), 1992

Ph.D.   Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 1979

M.A.    University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1968

            B.A.     Principia College, Elsah, IL, summa cum laude, 1963


Principal Fields of Interest:


The generation and management of knowledge: 1) transfer of knowledge/expertise across professional, cultural and geographic boundaries; 2) design, development and commercialization of new technologies; 3) development of strategic technological capabilities; 4) management of creative teams.


Full-Time Employment:


Employment Position Dates
Harvard Business School   William J. Abernathy Professor of Business Administration    1994 - 2004
Harvard Business School  Professor  1993 - 1994
Harvard Business School Associate Professor 1989 - 1993
Harvard Business School Assistant Professor 1983 - 1989
M.I.T. Sloan School of Management Assistant Professor  1981 - 1983
SRI International Policy Analyst 1979 - 1980
Stanford University  Research Associate 1978 - 1979
Stanford University Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant 1975 - 1978
Founder/Manager  Jakarta Business Bulletin 1972 - 1975
Self Free-lance Journalist in Thailand, Indonesia 1971 - 1975
U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer:  University Teacher 1965 - 1967


Board of Directors:    American Management Systems, Fairfax, Virginia 1992--2004

                                    Gannett Communications 1997—99


Advisory Boards:       Product Development and Management Association 2002--present; Daimler-Chrysler, Stuttgart, Germany 1999--2001;
ViOS 1999-2000; Nordia 1999-2001; Creative Realities; 2004-present.

                                    Ash Foundation 2004- present.


Industrial Consulting Record (Selected Companies):


Neilsen Media Research                                               Lever

Boise-Cascade                                                             Johnson & Johnson

Markem                                                                       Eastman Kodak

Shell Oil                                                                       Millipore

Monsanto                                                                     Delphax Systems

AT&T Bell Laboratories                                               Digital Equipment Corporation

IBM                                                                             Arthur D. Little

U.S. West                                                                    Exxon Corporation

Raytheon Missiles                                                         Champion Paper

Jet Propulsion Laboratory                                             MITRE Corporation

3M                                                                               California State Energy Commission


International Experience:


            Research in China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines

            Consultant, U.S. Agency for International Development:

                        Jamaica, Indonesia, Thailand

            Visiting Professor, Athens Laboratory for Business Administration, Greece

            Consultant, National Swedish Board for Technical Development

            Member, Stanford University Science and Technology delegation to China

            Visiting Professor, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland


Ten years experience in Indonesia and Thailand, working for private and public sector organizations.


Languages:  Thai, Indonesian, French


Government Service:


            Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, 1996-1997.

            National Academy of Sciences Steering Group on Management of Engineering

        and Technology:  Presentation: "The Management of Technology", 1989.

National Research Council:  Panel on Barriers to Adoption of New Infrastructure Technology Committee on National Urban Policy, 1987.

National Science Foundation Oversight Panel for Annual Science and Technology Report to Congress, 1982.

National Academy of Sciences Committee on the Behavioral and Social Aspects of Energy Consumption and Production, 1981 - 1983.

Testimony before House Subcommittee on Energy Development and Applications, Committee on Science and Technology, February 1980.


Member, Editorial Board:


            The International Journal of Innovation Management

            Journal of Engineering and Technology Management

            Journal of High Technology Marketing

            The Journal of Knowledge Management

            The Journal of New Product Development

            Organization Science (Senior Editor, 1992-94)


Ad hoc Reviewer for:


            National Science Foundation

            Journal of Consumer Research

            Research Policy

            Management Science

            IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

            Administrative Science Quarterly

            Academy of Management Journal

            Strategic Management Journal



Professional Associations:


Technology and Innovation Management Division, Academy of Management (Executive Committee, 1997-1999); Information Technologies Steering Group, Marketing Science Institute; International Communication Association; Association for Consumer Research; IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers); The Institute of Management Sciences.



Subjects Taught at M.I.T.:


            Research and Development Management

            Managing the Diffusion of Innovations

            International Technology Transfer



Subjects Taught at Harvard in M.B.A. and Executive Programs:


            Knowledge Management; Leveraging Corporate Capabilities

            Managing Global Opportunities; Managing International Collaboration

            Enhancing Corporate Creativity

            Managing Innovation

            Developing and Managing Technology (New Product and Process Development)

            Technology and Operations Management

            Organizational Behavior

            Leading Product Development




Deep Smarts: How to Cultivate and Transfer Enduring Business Wisdom with Walter Swap,

            Boston, MA: Harvard Business School, 2005. Multiple translations.


When Sparks Fly: Harnessing the Power of Group Creativity, with Walter Swap, Boston, MA:

 Harvard Business School Press, Paperback ed., 2005.  Awarded “Best Book on

 Creativity” by the European Association for Creativity and Innovation. 


When Sparks Fly: Igniting Group Creativity, with Walter C. Swap, Boston, MA:  Harvard Business School Press, 1999.

            Translations: Portuguese edition Brazil: Artmed Editora Ltda., 2001, 2003; Chinese 2001; Korean 2001; Spanish, 2001.


Wellsprings of Knowledge: Building and Sustaining the Sources of Innovation, Boston, MA:  Harvard Business School Press, 1995.  Reissued in paperback, 1998. 

Translations: Portuguese edition:  Nascentes do Saber: Criando e sustentando as fontes de inovação  Rio de Janeiro:  Fundação Getulio Vargas, 1998; Chinese 1998; Japanese 2001; Indonesian, Dutch.



Journal Articles:


“How to Salvage Your Company’s Deep Smarts,” in CIO, May 1, 2005.


“Deep Smarts: Experience-Based Knowledge,” with Walter Swap, in Executive Update

             January, 2005


 “Deep Smarts,” with Walter Swap, in Harvard Business Review September, 2004; Reprint



“Resource Allocation Beyond Firm Boundaries: A Multi-level Model for Open Source

 Innovation” with Simon Grand, George von Krogh and Walter Swap, in LRP:

 long range planning, Vol. 37, No. 6, 591-610, December 2004.


“The Apprentice -- and the Knowledge Coach” in Sloan Management Review July, 2004

“Case study on technology and distance in education at the Harvard Business School,” with
Brian DeLacey, in. Educational Technology & Society 5 (2) 2002, ISSN 1436-4522.


“The Limitations of Listening” in Harvard Business Review, Vol. 80, No. 1, 93, January 2002.


“Using Mentoring and Storytelling to Transfer Knowledge in the Workplace,” with
Walter C. Swap, Mary Shields, and Lisa Abrams, in Journal of Management and Information Systems, Vol. 18, 95-114, Summer 2001.


“Gurus in the Garage” with Walter C. Swap, in Harvard Business Review,

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Book Reviews:


In Administrative Science Quarterly, 1987.  Implementing New Technologies:  Choice, Decision and Change in Manufacturing, Review of: eds. Ed Rhodes and David Wield.

In Environment and Behavior, September 1982, 616-619.  Innovation Diffusion:  A New Perspective (1981). Review of: Lawrence Brown.



Technical Reports:

Leonard-Barton, Dorothy, Everett M. Rogers, Tamar Avi-Itzhak, and Ila Patel in The Potential Market for Solar Equipment Among California Homeowners, Final Report to the California Energy Commission.  Stanford University:  Institute for Communication Research, l980.


Rogers, Everett M., Victor Walling, Dorothy Leonard-Barton, and David Gibson, in Modeling Technological Innovation in Private Firms:  The Solar and Microprocessor Industries in Northern California, Report to the Innovation Processes and Their Management Group, National Science Foundation, l980.



Print Interviews (selected):


“Product Development:  Thought Leaders,” in Chief Executive, Special Issue: Technology and

            the CEO, 1997, p. 37.


“They Have a Better Idea - - Do You?” in Fast Company, August/September 1997, pp. 73-79.


“Building and Sustaining the Sources of Innovation:  An Interview with Dorothy Leonard,” in                  Strategy and Leadership, July/ August 1997, Vol. 25, No. 4, pp. 22-27.


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“Leading Lights:  Innovation Expert Dorothy Leonard-Barton,” in Knowledge, Inc., July 1996,             Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 8-10.



Teaching Materials: 



Creativity: Managing Groups for Creativity & Innovation: CD (Hybrid Windows & Macintosh)

            Content expert for this interactive, multimedia, management training program and           reference tool on CD-ROM. Winner of two CINDY (Cinema in Industry) Awards:

                                    GOLD for the Business Training category

BRONZE for Production Design


Interactive electronic teaching cases:


Knowledge Management (Three companies: Electronic Arts, IDEO and Pentafour)   9-699-149

Silicon Graphics                                                                                              2-397-702

Emerson Electric in China  (Multi-Media and Paper)                                      1-694-064




Best Buy: The Innovation Initiative                                             9-605-703

Knowledge Management at JPL                                              

Retirement at JPL                                                                    

Empathic Design Series:  Interval Research, An 1-696-507

  Interview with David Liddle, Ph.D., President

  and CEO

Creative Abrasion:  Microsoft Corp., An Interview                    1-696-505

  with Tom Corddry, General Manager, Family

  Reference Business Unit

Creative Abrasion:  Nissan Design International,                        1-696-504

  An Interview with Gerald P. Hirshberg,


Creative Abrasion:  Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research              1-696-056

  Center): Interview with J. S. Brown, R. Gold,

  and G. Kiczales, (Video)


Written Cases                                                                           Number            Teaching Note




Best  Buy Co. Inc. (A): An Innovator’s Journey 9-604-043


Collabrys, Inc. – The Evolution of a Startup                              9-603-064


Managing Knowledge and Learning at NASA   9-603-062

   and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)


Zaplet, Inc. (A)                                                 9-601-165       5-602-090


Verge Software (A), (B)                                                           9-601-065

                                                                                                9-601-066 (A), (B), Video                                                     9-601-064




Mercer Management Consulting’s Grow to be Great                 9-697-084

   (A), (B), (C)                                                                          9-697-087


 TITLE Partnering for New Product Realization at

   Best Instruments Corporation                                                 9-697-075


American Management Systems Knowledge Centers                9-697-068


Black Sun Interactive, Inc.:  Creating 3D                                   9-697-067

   Communities On-Line


Details (A):  Designing an Articulating Keyboard Support          9-695-033


Emerson Electric in China  (Multi-Media and Paper)                 1-694-064


Hewlett-Packard: Singapore (A), (B), (C) (D)   9-694-035       5-697-033





Commercializing Technology:  Imaginative                                 9-694-034

  Understanding of User Needs (Note)


Manufacturing at ALZA: The Right Prescription (A),                 9-694-019

  (B), (C)                                                                                  9-694-020



Allegheny-Ludlum: Research and Engineering    9-692-027       5-692-049

  Resource Allocation


Developing Strategic Technological Competencies                    

  Course Overview                                                                                           5-692-079

  Module One: Formulating Technology Strategy                                               5-692-062

  Module Two: Developing Technological                                                          5-692-063


  Module Three: Acquiring Technology                                                              5-692-064

  Module Four:  Implementing New Technical                            5-692-065

    Systems and Organizational Change


MCC: The Packaging and Interconnect Program                       9-692-020       5-692-052

  (A), (B)                                                                                                          9-693-066


Chaparral Steel: Rapid Product and Process                             9-692-018       5-692-047



Ceramics Process Systems Corporation (A)                              9-691-028       5-692-048


The Manufacturing Learning Laboratory at                                9-690-032       5-692-059

  Digital Equipment Corporation (A), (B),                                  9-690-054

  (C)                                                                                         9-690-055


The Carnegie Group                                                                 9-690-033       5-692-051


Monsanto's March Into Biotechnology                                      9-690-009       5-692-045

  (A), (B),  (B) (Abridged), (C)                                                 9-692-066




Skunkworks at Digital Equipment Corporation:  9-687-051       5-692-046

  The Tale of XCON


Solagen:  Process Improvement in the                                       9-687-020       5-692-060

  Manufacture of Gelatin


A New CAE System for Shield Electronics                               9-687-081       5-692-055



New Technology at World Aluminum Corp.:     9-687-050       5-692-053

  The Jumping Ring Circulator


Smartwave (B):  Implementing an Expert System                       9-187-063

   at Digital Equipment Corporation


Western Electric at Merrimack Valley                                       9-684-072


Westcott Communications:  EXEN (A)                                     Harvard Graduate School of Education


G.E. Plastics: Selecting a Partner                                               Design Management Institute

Polymer Solutions                                                                     Design Management Institute





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