Professor David A. Garvin

AMP 170

Spring 2006

Office:Morgan 461; Telephone: 495-6280; e-mail: Secretary:Andrea Truax, Morgan 470; Telephone: 495-6446; e-mail:

Course Outline

I. Strategic Processes: 
1. R. R. Donnelley new business creation, organic vs. mechanistic processes
2. IBM new business creation, adaptive approaches to strategy
3. UPS scenario planning, strategy formulation and implementation
II. Decision-Making Processes 
4. Decision-Making Exercise consensus and conflict-based decision processes
5. A Thousand Days, Thirteen Days senior management teams, task forces
6. Mount Everest decision making in high-risk situations, managing the unexpected
7. Six Habits of Merely Effective Negotiators negotiation processes, influence tactics, interests vs. positions
III. Learning Processes 
8. Building a Learning Organization organizational learning, improvement processes
9. Stages of Learning acquiring, interpreting, and applying knowledge
IV. Managerial Processes 
10. General Motors senior management teams, executive committees, matrix organizations
11. Paul Levy: Taking Charge of the BIDMC taking charge, leading change, communication and influence processes
12. Rudi Gassner and the Executive Committee at BMG International building and leading teams, types of teams, stages of team development
13. Personal Renewal managing yourself