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Decisioneering, Inc.
Forecasting and risk analysis software--maker of Crystal Ball. 

Fundman Series (Softcare Software Services):  Software that performs financial and credit analysis on infrastructure projects.

INFRISKRisk management simulation software.  It was developed by the World Bank Institute to assist with measuring and managing project risks.

International Project Estimating Software:  Comprehensive construction cost estimating software designed for both local regional construction projects as well as large international infrastructure projects.  offers Excel spreadsheets for financial applications in the fields of project finance and corporate valuation.

Palisade:  Risk analysis, decision analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, and optimization software.

ProFinTools Project Finance:  Valuation software.  It provides a standardized approach to project evaluation and simulation analysis to test the robustness of project design.

Project Finance Models:  Project analysis software.

PromoterA tool for evaluating and appraising projects.  It predicts the revenues, costs, and cash flows, and calculates IRRs, NPVs, DSCR, and other key criteria.


RiskEase and RiskMasterThe software provides risk analysis to help with evaluating and appraising projects.



Software for the Oil & Gas Sector:

  Aries Reserves Management System (RMS):  from Halliburton

  evMosaic:  from Entero Corporation

  Merak Planning, Risk, & Solutions:  from Schlumberger

  PHDWin:  from TRC consultants

  Value Navigator:  from Energy Navigator




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