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NOTE:  The presence of a firm or agency on this web page does not constitute an endorsement of the firm or its services.

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This page contains information in four categories:  Multilateral ECAs, Official ECAs, Private Credit Insurers, and Oversight Groups.

Multilateral Export Credit Agencies

African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank, Africa

Arab Investment & Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (DHAMAN, Arab regional organization).

Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF, Andean Countries)

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD, Central and Eastern Europe)

Inter-American Development Bank (IADB, Latin America)

Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit (ICIEC, part of the Islamic Development Bank)

Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (part of the World Bank)


Official Export Credit Agencies

Asuransi Ekspor Indonesia (ASEI, Indonesia) 

Banco de Inversión y Comercio Exterior (BICE, Argentina)

Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior SNC (Bancomext, Mexico) 

BNDES-Exim (Ex-Finamex, Brazil)

Compagnie Francaise d. Assurance pour le Commerce Exterieur (COFACE, France)  

Companhia de Seguro de Créditos S.A. (COSEC, Portugal) 

Compañía Española de Seguros de Crédito a la Exportación, S.A. (CESCE, Spain)

Corporación Financiera Nacional Fondo de Promoción de Exportaciones (CFN/Fopex, Ecuador)

Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation of Africa Limited (CGIC, South Africa) 

Credit Insurance Zimbabwe (Credsure, Zimbabwe)

Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR, Croatia)

ECICS Credit Insurance Ltd. (ECICS, Singapore) 

Exgo (a division of State Insurance, New Zealand)

Export Credit Bank of Turkey (Turk Eximbank, Turkey)

Export Credit Guarantee Agency (ECGA, Oman)

Export Credit Insurance Corporation (Kuke, Poland)

Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD, UK)

Export Development Canada (EDC, Canada) 

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC, Australia) 

Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (Egap, Czech Republic)

Export-Import Bank of China (Eximbank of China)

Export-Import Bank of India (I-Eximbank, India)

Export-Import Bank of Korea (Keximbank, South Korea)

Export-Import Bank of the Russian Federation (Eximbank, Russia)

Export-Import Bank of Thailand (Thai Exim, Thailand)

Export-Import Bank of Trinidad & Tobago (Eximbank, Trinidad & Tobago)

Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM, US) 

Export Credit Insurance Organization (ECIO, Greece)

Export Kredit Fonden (EFK, Denmark) 

Export Risk Guarantee Agency (ERG, Switzerland) 

Exportkreditnamnden (EKN, Sweden) 

Finnvera plc (Finnvera, Finland) 

Guarantee Institute for Export Credits (GIEK, Norway) 

Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG (Hermes, Germany) 

Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation (HKEC, Hong Kong) 

Hungarian Export Credit Insurance Ltd. (MEHIB, Hungary) 

Israel Foreign Trade Risks Insurance Corporation (Iftric, Israel)

Istituto per i Servizi Assicurativi e il Credito all'Espotazione (SACE, Italy)

Japan Bank for International Cooperation (formerly JExIm)

Korea Export Insurance Corporation (KEIC, South Korea) 

KfW IPEX Bank (part of the KfW BankenGruppe, Germany)

Malaysia Export Credit Insurance Berhad (MECIB, Malaysia) 

Nederlandsche Credietverzkering Maatschappij NV (NCM, Netherlands) 

Norwegian Guarantee Institute for Export Credits (Giek, Norway)

Office National du Ducroire (OND, Belgium) 

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank Aktiengesellschaft (OeKB, Austria)

Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC, United States)

Segurexpo de Columbia (Segurexpo, Columbia)

Slovene Export Corporation (SEC, Slovenia)

Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation (SLECIC, Sri Lanka)

Svensk Esportkredit (SEK, Sweden)

Uzbekinvest National Export-Import Insurance Company (Unic, Uzbekistan)


Private Export Credit Insurance

Coface North America (formerly CNA Credit, USA)

Cox Insurance Political Risk Unit (CPRU, UK)

Crédito y Caución (Spain)

EULER Group (France)

Eurofactor (France)

Exporters Insurance Company (Bermuda)

Hiscox Trade Credit Insurance (UK)

Seguradora Brasileira de Credito à Exportação (SBCE, Brazil)


ECA Oversight and Reform

ECA Watch:  runs a reform campaign hoping to get ECAs to adopt and upgrade environmental and social policies.

Berne Union:  The Berne Union, which was established in 1934, has 51 members from 42 countries and locations.  The union works for international acceptance of sound principles of export credit insurance and foreign investment insurance.



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