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The project finance courses are broken into three groups:  1) Business School courses--project finance courses are now offered at more than 30 leading business schools; 2) Law School Courses; and 3) Executive Education Programs.


NOTEThe presence of a course on this page does not constitute an endorsement of the instructor, course, or organization.




Business School Courses:


1) Large-Scale Investment

Professor Benjamin Esty

Harvard Business School, Harvard University

A project finance course for full-time MBA students with an emphasis structuring, valuing, and financing large capital projects. For a copy of the syllabus, please email Prof. Esty

This course uses the book:  Modern Project Finance:  A Casebook, 2003, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (New York, NY). It is also the basis for a new executive education course--see the description for "Project Finance" in the section below on executive education courses.



2) Project Finance in Emerging Markets

 Prof. Robert Knuepfer

 Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern   University

3) Project Finance in Emerging Markets

 Prof. Anne Costin 

 Columbia Business School, Columbia University

4) Structured Finance

 Prof. Sreenivas Kamma

 London Business School

5) International Project Finance

 Adjunct Professor Christopher Dymond

 Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

 Johns Hopkins University

6) Project Finance

 Prof. Dennis Lockhart

 Georgetown University

 School of Foreign Service

7) Project and Structured Finance

 Prof. Barry Gold

 Stern School, New York University

8) Project Management/Project Finance

 Prof. Paul Allen (adjunct)

 Jones Graduate School of Management, Rice University

9) Project Analysis, Finance, and Investment (MSc degree)

     Prof. David Mayston

 University of York (UK), Dept. of Economics and Related Studies

10) Project Finance and Analysis (half-course)

 Prof. Stefanie Kleimeier

 Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands)

11) Project Finance

     Prof. Nobuya Takezawa

 International University of Japan

 Graduate School of International Relations

12) Project Finance

 Prof. Sami Torstila

 Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration

13) Project Finance

     Lecturer Jaakko Eskola 

     Run in conjunction with the Helsinki School of Economics

         and Business Administration

14) Project Finance - Structured Finance (Masters degree)

     Prof. Michel Lyonnet du Moutier

     University of Paris 10 (Nanterre) and ENPC

15) Project Management and Evaluation

     Prof. Justin Robinson

     University of the West Indies (Barbados)

16) Project Finance

     Prof. N.J. Smith

     Infrastructure Asset Management and Maintenance degree

     School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds (UK)

17) Accounting and Project Finance

     Instructor Keith Hutchinson and Nick French

     School of Construction Management and Engineering

     University of Reading (UK)

18) Project Finance (IBS 223f)

     Prof. Alfonso Canella

     Brandeis University--International Business School

19) Project Finance

     Prof. Remy Cohen

     SDA Bocconi (Masters in Corporate Finance)

20) Project and Structured Finance

     Prof. John Strong

     College of William & Mary, School of Business Admin.

21) Project Finance

     Prof. John Ostbo

     University of Utah

22) Project Finance

     Prof. Donald Ross

     Macquarie Graduate School of Management

     Macquarie University (Australia)

23) Project Finance

     Prof. Dennis Lockhart

     Georgetown School of Foreign Service

24) The Strategy of Project Financing
     Prof. Stephen Arbogast

     University of Houston

25) Project Finance

     Prof. Lynn Armistead

     University of Leeds

26) Capital Facility Finance (Civil Engineering)

Prof. G. Edward Gibson, Jr.

University of Texas at Austin

27) Project Finance

Prof. Marc Monheimer

University of Vermont School of Bus. Administration

28) Infrastructure Finance

     Indian Institute of Technology Madras

29) Infrastructure Finance (Masters in Public Policy)

Prof. John Petersen

George Mason University

30) Urban Infrastructure Finance

Prof. Murtaza Haider

McGill University

31) Project Finance

Prof. Robert Sheppard

University of South Carolina (Moore School of Business)










Law School Courses:


1) International Project Finance

Prof. Kathleen Phelps

Boston University School of Law

2) International Project Finance

Prof. Marc Monheimer and Prof. Laura Hills

Georgetown University Law School

3) International Project Finance and Development Case Studies

Prof. Martin Klepper

Georgetown University Law School

4) International Project Finance

Washington College of Law (American University)

5) Project Finance

     Profs. Peter Fox and Michael Tuckfield

     University of Melbourne

6) Law of Investment Banking and Project Finance

      Prof. Stephen J. Hodgson

      Institute for Law and Finance (Germany)

7) International Project Finance

Prof. Jeff Meller

Boston University School of Law




Executive Education Courses:


1) Harvard Business SchoolProject Finance

     ** Not currently offered **

     Program Chair:  Professor Ben Esty


2) Infrastructure in a Market Economy 

2 week program run in July

Kennedy School of Government (Harvard University)


3) Infrastructure Finance

The World Bank Institute (Washington, DC)

4) Berlin Summer School on Private Participation in Infrastructure

    Berlin University of Technology

5) The Challenge of Major Projects

    Major Projects Association (one week at Oxford, UK)

6) Project Appraisal and Risk Management

Duke Center for International Development

Sanford Institute of Public Policy, Duke University

7) Project Finance

Anne Costin

Amsterdam Institute of Finance (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

8) Project Finance

FT Knowledge Financial Learning (New York, London, Singapore)

9) Project Finance Courses

Thomson Financial Events

10) Project Finance Workshop  (5-day courses on PF)

      Euromoney Training--Financial

11) Introductory and Advanced Project Finance (2- to 5-day programs)


12) School of Project Finance (2- to 5-day programs)

International Faculty of Finance

13) Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCoL)

 Courses on project finance and financial modeling

 (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

14) Project Finance

Prof: Sreeni Kamma

London Business School Executive Education MBA

15) Program on Utility Regulation and Strategy (12-day program)

Public Utility Research Center (PURC) and The World Bank

Warrington College of Business, University of Florida

16) Project Finance

Master in Development Finance - Core

Richard Tinsley

University of Stellenbosch, Africa Center for Investment Analysis, Cape Town, S. Africa

17) Project Finance

ECFS 877: Project Finance

Richard Tinsley

Macquarie University, Applied Finance Centre, Australasia

18) Infrastructure Finance

Master in Development Finance

Richard Tinsley

University of Stellenbosch, Africa Center for Investment Analysis, Cape Town, S. Africa

19) Essentials of Project and Infrastructure Finance

Jeffrey Hooke

New York Institute of Finance

20) Infrastructure Project Finance

Malcolm Sullivan

Euromoney Training--Financial (UK)

21) Project Modeling in Excel

Edward Bodmar

Amsterdam Institute of Finance (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

22) Project Finance Modeling

John Richter

Financial Mechanics (USA)





















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