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Bangkok's Second Stage Expressway, 1997, Case # C15-97-1401.0.

Bangkok's Skytrain (A):  Opening the System, 2000, Case #1591.0; Bangkok's Skytrain (B), Case #1592.0.

Boston's Central Artery/Third Harbor Crossing Project, 1997, CR1-96-1366.0.

Buenos Aires-Colonia Bridge: The Project, 1997, Case # C15-97-1400.0.

Crossrail (A):  The Business Case, 2008, Case #1898.0.

Financing the Theun-Hinboun Hydroelectric Project, 2006, Case #1829.0  (the sequel case is #1829.1).

India:  The Dabhol Power Corporation (A), 2001, Case #1617.0.

Leasing the Pennsylvania Turnpike, 2007, Case #1878.0.

Partnerships Victoria:  The Public Sector Comparator, 2006, Case #1822.0.

The Hong-Kong-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge Proposal, 2004, Case #1700.0.

The Melbourne City Link, 1997, Case # CR14-99-1539.0.

The Tribasa Toll Road Trust, 1998, Case # CR14-99-1485.0.

Yogyakarta Bus Terminal: The Private Provision of Municipal Infrastructure, 2013, Case # 1979.0.

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