1.†††††††† Introduction

I.††††††††† The Reinvention of State Capitalism around the World

2.†††††††† The Rise and Fall of Leviathan as an Entrepreneur††††

3.†††††††† Varieties of State Capitalism: Theory and Hypotheses

II.††††††† The Reinvention of State Capitalism in Brazil

4.†††††††† The Invention and Reinvention of Leviathan in Brazil

5.†††††††† The Decline of Leviathan as an Owner: SOEs in Economic Crisis and Political Transitions†††††

III.†††††† Leviathan as a Majority Shareholder†††††

6.†††††††† Leviathan as a Manager: Do CEOs of SOEs matter?†††

7.†††††††† Taming Leviathan? Corporate Governance in National Oil Companies††††

IV.†††††† Leviathan as a Minority Investor

8.†††††††† Leviathan as a Minority Shareholder††††

9.†††††††† Leviathanís Temptation:The Case of Vale††††††

10.†††††† Leviathan as a Lender: Development Banks and State Capitalism

11.†††††† Leviathan as a Lender: Industrial Policy vs. Politics at BNDES†††††††

V.††††††† Conclusion††

12.†††††† Conclusions and Lessons

13.†††††† Bibliography†††††††††††